Tyler Graftaas
April 28, 2019
Tyler Graftaas
Lead Pastor


Matthew 18:21-30

Scripture: Matthew 18:21-30 & Philemon 8-17
Message: In Light of the Resurrection: Love Wholeheartedly
Speaker: Pastor Tyler Graftaas

Last weekend we celebrated the death and unbelievable resurrection of Jesus, the messianic king of creation. If we are not careful Easter can pass us by leaving nothing but the need for another hole on our belt. So what does that really mean that Jesus was raised from the dead? What is the on-the-ground reality for you and I in light of his resurrection? Over four Sundays in April and May, we are going to look at biblical examples of how we are to live in light of the resurrection. We will kick things off this Sunday looking at forgiveness and the call to love wholeheartedly.