“Increasingly we live alone with our thoughts, consuming info via podcasts or online. Face to face, there is accountability. There’s a chance that others might ask if all is well with you, or may even challenge you if your life is grossly out of step. Small groups allow you to dig and engage in ways that not even church can, because you can still tune out in church.” (Faith Today, July/August 2014)

We encourage you to consider joining a group that is conveniently located and/or spiritually focused in a way that is relevant to your life.

Clarke Care Group (NW Calgary) - Meeting via Zoom during social distancing.

  • Refreshments, fellowship, Bible study, and prayer
  • Various Sundays at 6:30pm based on wishes of attendees

Harris House Bible Study (Harris House) - On hold temporarily during social distancing.

  • Bible study
  • Thursday mornings at 10am - Starting in October 2019
  • Led by Pastor Cornel and held at JE Harris House – 400 40th Avenue NW

Prayer Group (Basement Nursery) - On hold temporarily during social distancing. Please contact the church office for prayer requests/updates.

  • Prayer Group
  • Tuesdays at 6:00pm
  • Led by Cornel van Eyk

If you would like more information or to connect with one of these groups, please e-mail the church office at [email protected]