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With August coming to an end, our 1212 churches have many students who are heading back to school. With the abnormal year, students faced last year, the excitement of what God has for our students this year lingers in their minds. Please pray for them as they start this school year!

CHBC's:  Mathieu and Bless W, Phil C, Rachael and Ben T, Hudson and Kean and Naomi G, Aiden and Kristine M, Katelyn and Kayleigh Y, Noelle and Nathan and Ryley and Tracey G, John and Maggie and Katie I, Jessica G.

GoodTree: Levi, Charlotte, Abby, Mikki, Zach, Rua, Lucas, Amelia, Oliver, Emily, Aiden, Jamie, Sophia, Eliana, Henry, Casey, Ginny, Liam, Harper, Harriet, Sebastian, Jesse, Jordan, Max, Madon, Audrey, Sawyer, Penelope, Oscar, Noah, Noelle, Peyton, Ethan, Isabel, Tay, Dominic.

Greenhills':  Luke M, Lander M, Gavin R, Sofia C, Sarah G, Ellie T, Gabby and Japjap V, Gavin and Keegan L, Fiona E, Racqee R, Mafee and Migo G, Afugo A, CJ G, Aires S, JJ B, Gabe G, KC C, Randell C.