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Christmas is coming!

Advent Series: 

November 27 – Zechariah & Elizabeth
December 4 - Mary & Joseph
December 11 - Shepherds
December 18 - Wise Men
December 25 - Simeon & Anna - 11:00 AM Joint Service with GoodTree Christian Fellowship.

Advent Art:

This year for our outdoor Advent display we will be putting up a Large Christmas Tree (Purchased from the Boy Scouts). Plain wooden ornaments will be available at the welcome table with paint and paintbrushes to take home. Decorate them on your own time and return them to hang on the outdoor tree.

Thank you to James M. for cutting out each of the ornaments.

This is an art project for any age or skill level. Feel free to grab a few extras for family and friends to participate.

December Directory Month:

Come early or stay a little later to service and have your picture taken for our 2023 directory.

Christmas Decorating:

10 am December 2, we will be putting up the Christmas Trees, decorations and lights! Come and help, there is much to do!

Christmas Day:

December 25th service will be at 11:00 am joint with GoodTree Christian Fellowship. We look forward to a special children's presentation.