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Consider donating a Christmas Love Gift.

Each year on Christmas Eve we take a special offering for the retired pastors of the CBWC. This year as we will not be gathering in person, consider making an online donation or if you are not able to donate online please send your donations to the Calgary Head Office indicating Christmas Love Gift on your cheque.


As we near Christmas, we find ourselves holding on to hope in the middle of a chaotic pandemic, knowing that Emmanuel is with us and ever at work in our world. The last nine months have been lonely and isolating for many of us, and this year, more than ever, we want to affirm and encourage our retired pastors and their spouses who once worked among us.

As you know, each year the CBWC is blessed to provide a Christmas Love Gift to express our thankfulness and love for retired pastors who began their service among us before the CBWC had a pension plan. Since some of these pastors receive little or no pension benefits, the Christmas Love Gift makes a significant difference!

Last year, we were able to bless 15 retired pastors and 22 widows of pastors with substantial gifts totalling $20,900. We look forward to being just as generous this year!

Once again, we received many warm letters from recipients thanking Canadian Baptist churches like yours for their generosity and love with notes of encouragement. As one couple wrote:

“Dear CBWC family: Thank you for the generous Christmas gift. May God bless men and women as they continue to spread the Good News in our land. With love...”

Another couple wrote:

“We extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciate your prayers on our behalf. Our health and well-being has decreased and the bills have increased. We both have medical problems and my wife is now a permanent resident in our local Personal Care Home here. Your financial help is so much appreciated!”

May God bless you as we draw near to Him during this Advent season.

Serving with you, for Him.

Rev. Rob Ogilvie
Executive Minister | Canadian Baptists of Western Canada
221 10 Ave SE #201, Calgary, AB T2G 0V9

Thank you also from Crescent Heights Baptist Church