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Friday nights will begin with a large group lesson, then break out groups and will finish off with various games or activities.

Invite your friends and come out for a night of fun & discovery.
Each night includes a short lesson video with a look at Christianity from a once-atheist detective, followed by breakout groups, music, snacks, & games

November 25
- Was Jesus Just a Man?
- Truth & Lie Games!

December 2
- Did Jesus Think He Was God?
- Games TBD

December 16 - Christmas Party Wrap-Up
- Did the resurrection really occur?
- Bring a $15 wrapped gift, that you would love to have for yourself.
- There will be snacks, games, and perhaps a Movie. More info soon!

January 6 - 2023 Youth Kick-off
- Do all religions lead to the same place?
- Games TBD

February 3-5
- Gull Lake Winter Camp.
- Register and put CHBC as your cabinmate.
- Contact the [email protected] for more info.

Past Events:

November 18 
- Is the Bible full of Contradictions?
- A Very Merry Pictionary Night!

November 11 - Remembrance Day - NO EVENT
- we encourage you to do something on your own or as a family to remember those whose sacrifice won our freedoms. 

November 4
- Can you trust the Bible if it was written by humans?
- Whose Story Is it? Get your drama on!

October 28
- If God exists, why does he seem so hidden?
- Hide & Seek Extraviganza!

October 21
- Who Created God?
- Outdoor Games - Capture the Flag.

October 14
- Are there any good reasons to believe in miracles?
- Special guest Dorothy Baker
- J-J-J-Jenga!

October 7
- Is earth just a pale blue dot in a huge hostile universe?
- Delicious Design Challenge

September 30
- Is there really no evidence God exists?
- Murder Mystery Game

September 23
- Fall Kick-Off
- Crazy Collages