Matthew 13:31-35

Sermon Notes

It's not what you expect

There is great comfort in knowing what to expect in a situation, especially in challenging times. When we can rely on the car to start, a paycheque at its appointed time, and our friends and family who will be there when needed, the ability to navigate life’s uncertainty is greater. But what happens when we expect people to show up, and they are not there? Or the car battery dies overnight? Or the company you work for goes bankrupt? What do we do when we are told God is reliable and will never leave us, but then struggle to see or hear him - when our expectation of a loving God is not experienced personally, or in the lives of the people and events around us? As we learned last week, Jesus teaches in parables not to clarify his teaching, but to clarify who is following. Now, as we look at some of his parables, it is important we heed his words, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” because the kingdom of heaven is not what you expect.