Tyler Graftaas
January 12, 2020
Tyler Graftaas
Lead Pastor


Romans 15:14-22

Scripture: Romans 15:14-22
Message: Anytime, Anywhere
Speaker: Tyler Graftaas

What enables you to do what you do? What keeps you from doing the things you should, but don’t?
Familiarity and experience enable me to act, while fear of failure or embarrassment are the most persuasive emotions that keep me from trying. So how do we bridge that gap? How do we gain experience or become familiar with something that we know we should do, but are too afraid to try and grow confident in? How was Paul able to speak confidently about the church in Rome as well as speak boldly to them about areas they needed to grow? How was Paul able to speak intimately with them, when he had never been with them…and how can we do the same? What does it take to live and preach the gospel anytime, anywhere? Let us join together this Sunday in worship and engage in the mission of God, as we continue our journey through the letter of Paul to the Romans.