Tyler Graftaas
December 8, 2019
Tyler Graftaas
Lead Pastor


Mark 1:1-8

Scripture: Mark 1:1-8
Message: Preparation: Hear and Respond
Speaker: Tyler Graftaas

As a family, we do not keep the cleanest of houses. None of us really likes doing housework and generally, we can put up with a lot of mess. However, when someone is coming over for dinner, we go into an all hands on deck cleaning mode. We divide and conquer to put things away, get bathrooms washed, floors vacuumed, the meal prepared, and more. Working alongside of them, Angela and I act as co-captains directing the kids where needed and they, for the most part, respond by getting things done. Our hope is one day we will not have to tell the kids what to do, but they will just get it done in response to knowing that someone is coming over. John the Baptist’s ministry consisted of preparing people to hear the message of God by orienting them toward the coming Messiah. My hope and prayer is that as a church we would be a people who prepare in all things by hearing and responding to the love of Jesus.