Zeta Lee
June 16, 2019
Zeta Lee
Pastor at GoodTree Christian Fellowship


Nehemiah 2:1-9

Scripture: Nehemiah 2:1-9
Message: Favour Comes From God
Speaker: Pastor Zeta Lee

Four months of praying, fasting, mourning, and pleading with God about the situation in Jerusalem, enough to wear anyone out emotionally and physically. However, through it all Nehemiah seems to have faithfully done his job, serving the king as cupbearer. Although a privileged role that carried great responsibility, Nehemiah had direct access to the king and was to ensure that the wine was good and not poisoned, he was not nobility. Nehemiah, he was still just another working-class professional. As we gather this Sunday Pastor Zeta from GoodTree will continue our journey through the book of Nehemiah looking at how God, through Nehemiah’s faithfulness in prayer and work, made provision for the restoration of the temple walls to begin.