Angela Graftaas
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Thank you,

to everyone who cooked meals, prepared, cleaned-up, and participated in Tuesday Night Foundations.

The final session for 2018 is Tuesday, November 27, 2018.  We will resume in the New Year on January 8, 2018.

It has been a wonderful time, eating delicious food and having fun together as friends and church family.  We have made pies, played games, filled shoeboxes and gifted the CHBC shut-ins.  Thank you, everyone, for your involvement, generosity and kindness in 2018.  We look forward to our last night together this year and what the future has in store for 2019.

On November 27, we will have a tasty meal prepared by the Kaufman's and we will then head out in groups to deliver the flower arrangements to our shut-ins.  Everyone is welcome, whether you have been before or not.  As always, the night is open for drop-in guests and familiar faces.  We'd love to sit at the table with you!

The night is run by volunteers, donations are accepted, but not required, to cover the cost of food and supplies.

We hope everyone has a very merry Christmas season!

Blessings on behalf of the CHBC team.